Many real estate agents think it is very difficult to purchase a HUD home - but you are in good hands with us!

We work with more than a dozen different banks and stay up to date with the details of working effectively with distressed properties. In addition we have been specially trained in working with Government homes by one of the foremost experts in HUD homes in the United States and have earned the prestigious CDSP designation - so we will be able to support you through the offer process and increase your possibility of a successful and happy HUD transaction!

Take a look at some of our great HUD listing videos - or call us at (520) 308-6916!

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Yes, I am interested in HUD homes - but exactly IS a HUD home?

HUD is the main housing and lending regulatory authority in the US, known as US Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD is responsible for the operations of the FHA, which insures mortgage lenders against losses on FHA home loans. When FHA borrowers default on their loan, the home goes back to the lender during the foreclosure process. After foreclosure is completed HUD becomes the owner of the property after the FHA has paid the insurance claim. HUD wants to sell these properties as soon as is practical so that they can replenish the FHA insurance fund - so you have a chance at getting a very nice home for a good price!
There are new HUD homes available every week, so you should attend one of our educational sessions to learn more about the process!

What is so great about buying a HUD home?

HUD homes are terrific to work with because- All HUD homes are initially listed at appraised value!
All HUD homes have already inspected and you can access the inspection results on line before you even go to see the house!
All our agents have had specialized training on selling HUD Homes - see this television interview from one of our training sessions here in Tucson!

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HUD offers some terrific opportunities through the Good Neighbor Next Door programs:

This is a HUD initiative to help revitalize neighborhoods. This is available to qualified teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency responders and other HUD-specific public service personnel. Purchasers agree to live in the homes for a minimum of 3 years, and in exchange receive a "forgivable loan" of 50% of the purchase price! This is a wonderful way to have instant equity in your home while helping to revitalize the community. Please contact us for more details!

How can I see what HUD homes are available?

Click here to see what is available. If you would like to see one of these homes, please contact us for a showing!


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